Current Research:

Working on ideas around compulsive heterosexuality, motherhood and childlessness in Austrian Avant-Garde, feminist artist Renate Bertlmann's work.

Paper entitled 'Fear of Protrusions/ Fear of Ambivalence' at Performing Acroos the Frontiers of Fear, De Montfort University, June 2018

Many thanks to Alissa Clarke for inviting me. 

Photo by Natalie Raven

Selected Writing 

'Circular Paths of Pleasure in Marco Berrettini's iFeel2'

Article in Performance Research: On Repetition, volume 20, issue 5

This article thinks about the connections between performance, repetition and pleasure by drawing on Lacanian theory. It examines the temporal and spatial experience of desire's perpetual unfulfillment through Marco Berrettini's performance iFeel2. The article playfully accounts for the ways in which Berrettini's work enacts the Lacanian theory of the constitutive insatiability of desire, but also asks how the performance re-thinks and re-shapes this theoretical framework. Link here


'Farewell to Farewell: Impossible Endings and Unfinished Finitudes' 

Chapter in On Repetition: Writing, Performance and Art, edited by Kartsaki, Intellect

This chapter accounts for the impossible, yet desired ending of returning to re-experience a particular event; as examples of study, it uses T. J. Clark’s The Sight of Death, Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape as well as Pina Bausch’s Béla Bartók’s Opera: Duke Bluebeard’s Castle in order to account for a simultaneous longing and fear to end the process of returning. Such experience aims to comprehend the uncontainable event, to finish its unfinished business. The unresolved event demands a return to it, in order to be able to say, finally, but not once and for all, farewell to farewell. The following writing argues that endings, like performance itself, escape from us, forming an experience that is not quite yet and that specific uses of repetition in movement, structure or writing invite the spectator to go back to them, again and again, in an attempt to restore or repair the experience, or come to terms with it. 

Photo: Marco Berettini iFeel2 photo by Marie Jeanson

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