Tombola and Aunties with Eirini and Angelina Kartsaki

An impromptu improvisation in my sister's workshop space in Berlin. Remains of a costume, a stool and some numbers. And of course, a lifelong rivalry about love and what happens when one stays behind. 


I have been interested in duets and musicality recently. I have worked with my sister (above), her name is Angelina Kartsaki. I have worked with the spectacular Joe Kelleher, you can find our most recent duet here and with the wonderful Emma Bennett. I have also worked with the crazy Gareth Cutter in the garden of my old house (now sort of gone)in our co-production Mummy and Puppy. Pervy, I know. Our video here


Here is us, doing stuff at the Barbican as part of I'm with you, Mutual Concern. Mostly stuff about an eel with the face of a baby pig. Hello.   

A very small Eirini and a very small Joe dancing to the rhythms of becoming a fig. Really, truly, not just for jokes.   


  Left me and Gareth in the garden. Right, me and my sister in the garden.

  Finally, proudly presenting Ducks and Rabbits Theatre with its one-legged chorus. 

 Eirini Kartsaki 2015 / © All Rights Reserved

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