Upcoming shows:

24 February,Ladder, Steakhouse Live, Rich Mich, 3pm onwards 

8 March, All the thins I can Fuck, Guest Projects, AltMFA AN Launch, 6.30

10 March,All the things I can Fuck, Cheeseburger and Friends, Aces and Eights Saloon Bar, Doors 7.30 

HERPES is a performance about desire, STI's and fantasizing about the Duchess of Cambridge. It considers the ways in which we have been told that we either need to have a baby or stop banging the whole world. And if we don’t, we will, of course, get herpes.

Image Credit: Clarisse D'Arcimoles

I have have been making work with my sister about our shared anxiety around motherhood. We are called Tante&Tante, see our work here 

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