Image: Christa Holka

'Kartsaki sings like a wound throbs'Emily Davis, Exeunt Review 

The Spy in the Stalls In a Way so Brutal ★★★★

Rebecca Crankshaw, The Spy in the Stalls Review

A performance about human monsters and giving into our own monstrosity; about taking things apart, shouting at the void, opening up as a way of opening out. 

We explore the experience of being (in) a body that is restless, unbridled, governed by ungovernable desires. 

We embrace contradiction and ambivalence. We work with vocal experimentation, sonic and verbal improvisation, to create imaginary landscapes and narratives that address the monstrous, the odd and the weird in the relationship with ourselves, our bodies and each other.


A collaboration between performance maker Eirini Kartsaki and electroacoustic music composer/performer Tasos Stamou. 

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